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Symptoms of Porn Addiction

Porn addiction occurs when the person viewing pornography, with or without masturbating, loses control over whether or not he/she will engage in that behavior. Porn addicts look at and use porn compulsively, despite consequences that include:

An inability to form lasting social and intimate romantic relationships
Intense feelings of depression, shame and isolation
Disintegration of relationships with family, friends and romantic partners
Loss of many hours, sometimes entire days, to porn use
Loss of interest in non-porn activities such as work, school, socializing, family and exercise
Trouble at work or in school (including reprimands and/or dismissal) related to poor performance, misuse of company/school equipment and/or public use of porn
Financial issues
Legal issues (usually related to illegal porn use)
Porn use combined with drug/alcohol abuse
Physical injury caused by compulsive masturbation
Sexual dysfunction with real-world partners, including erectile dysfunction, delayed eja…